Welcome to elegant, well furnished, clean and bright rooms. Make your home in the lap of luxury in rooms that overlook the soothing valleys. Here clouds often pay a visit, flitting over the balconies. Birds chirp in the serene vicinity and cool breeze flirts with your cheeks, lending the whole resort a feeling of paradise.



king Size Beds

Indoor/Outdoor Games




Deluxe Rooms Building

  • 22 Deluxe Rooms

  • 13 Deluxe Rooms with AC

  • 13 Deluxe Rooms with AC

  • 7 Deluxe Rooms Non AC

  • 2 Deluxe AC Rooms with Bathtub

As unusual as its shape is the interior of this delightful building. Rooms are on the first floor and second floors covered with terrace in the top. Each room has a separate entry from the hexagonal gallery. The backsides are open to a scenic view that can be enjoyed right from the sliding window itself.

In the ground floor of the building is a reception counter, waiting-lounge, and table games. A central portion of the building is all open space from the floor level to the central transparent dome.

Classic Rooms

These are four of them located on a plateau 8 ft, above the surrounding area, creating an exquisite ambiance which is exciting. Outside each room, it has an individual swing.

Outside of each individual classic has elegant chairs and table. It evokes a feeling of “My Own Little Place” as classic overlook the lush green lawn, beautiful flowers, healthy plants, swimming pool and children playground.

Super Deluxe Rooms

One can not but, remain without mentioning here that four super deluxe rooms on the 1st floor of the building and so nicely located that westerly breeze from the Arabian Sea on west chilled by profuse vegetation in the valley, orchestras by the chirping birds are the immemorable experience of life. Sipping tea, with pleasant, all-around greenery will be just enticing.

These rooms are spacious with Balcony, from balcony one can enjoy the scenic view.

Luxury Rooms

There are four luxury rooms on the ground floor of the building.

These rooms have sit out areas on both, front as well as backside.(Verandah)

Duplex Bungalow

There are two units of duplex rooms in one bungalow-like building. Each unit has two rooms, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. In the ground floor is a small living room with sofa, in front of the bedroom. On the first floor, the room has attached bathroom with bathtub. Top floor has a living room adjacent to the bedroom from where one can enjoy the scenic view of the valley. An internal staircase connects the floors.

The exquisite beauty of the small garden in front of the elevated platform for the outdoor seating with chairs & table. The fragrance of Raat-Rani and the mild breeze will relieve you from city sickness, and invigorate you.